Live Well San Diego

To Your Health

For the County of San Diego’s Health and Human Services Department, we are working with its Chronic Disease and Health Equity Unit to update its messaging. This update is needed to:

  • focus future communications more on decision makers, as their decisions either expand or limit the choices that individuals have to lead healthy lives
  • align with the recently established Live Well San Diego brand, which wasn’t fully in place when the last messaging for the unit was developed

Where previous messaging focused on  motivating individual behavior choices, it is now being reviewed to emphasize decisions about policies, systems and environments that create the opportunity for all people to have healthier choices and lives. This approach focuses on health equity, and pulls from best practices developed through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 


  • Messaging research and development
  • Brand analysis
  • Communications plan development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Media Training with internal staff and non-profit local advocacy partners


Chronic Disease and Health Equity Unity, Department of Health and Human Services


San Diego County, California

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