Del Mar Village & Gateways Planning

Concept Plan Central Village Area

The Original Farm-to-Table City

The challenge for this project was to inspire economic revitalization of Del Mar’s village area, which was at least twice daily subjected to pass through traffic bypassing the I-5 freeway. Inspired by the community’s input about preserving Del Mar’s small town feel and agricultural roots, CityWorks’ developed a master plan that prioritized a walkable environment in the village and that created activity nodes that brought back locally grown produce and the artwork of local artisans into the businesses of the area. In this plan, restaurants featured locally sourced food and locally created wares. To further define the area and add to its character, subtle landmarks that reinforced Del Mar’s character and history were proposed to function as gateways into the city: one, a trellis with natural plantings; another, a rustic building and deck housing a restaurant and farm-to-table garden.

For the City of Del Mar and Del Mar Village Association, CityWorks provided community-based urban planning services. The project area for the village is centered on Camino Del Mar between 9th Street and Plaza Avenue. Community involvement for this project consisted of one-to-one outreach with merchants, neighborhood focus group meetings, community workshops, several walking tours of the village, and coordination with local press and media. During these activities, the community defined the walkability of their village as the most important goal. Seven other design themes that support a walkable community were defined and expressed in a conceptual master plan for the village. Five gateways leading into the village were similarly conceptualized to express the natural beauty and small town character of Del Mar.


  • Conceptual master plan and recommendations report for village revitalization
  • Conceptual design of the five gateways into the village designed to both signify entry into it and to encourage motorists to slow down for this pedestrian-oriented area.
  • Community involvement: one-to-one merchant outreach, focus group meetings, walking tours, community workshops, and city council presentations
  • Press and media coordination

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Del Mar, California


City of Del Mar and Del Mar Village Association