Dream Pavilion Competition Entry

What is a dream?

A story that reflects our memories? A subconscious pathway weaving through the labyrinth of our hopes and desires? And how can a pavilion be elusive like a dream? How can it be a place to reflect and hope? Located in the park that fronts the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Pavilion was designed to symbolize the elusive quality of dreaming as well as be a space to dream or reflect. With its mirrored finish, it seems to float in space by reflecting the blanket of grass that it sits upon. Its multicolored bamboo and geometric orientation celebrates the community’s diversity, with nods to London’s modern aesthetic and influences from Bangladeshi immigrants. Bamboo with it’s sustainable features and quick regrowth are painted various colors referencing Holi, the springtime festival of color. The Pavilion acts as a labyrinth that encourages one to strive and search in order to make their way through it as one often does while dreaming or seeking to realize a dream.

Recessed areas with bean bag chairs are scattered throughout the maze so that one can stop on their journey to dream and reflect. The Pavilion is across from the Childhood Museum and will attract children with its whimsical riot of color, its floating appearance and the game of the labyrinth. It features wide pathways, built with wheelchair accessibility in mind and can be taken apart and transported with relative ease.


  • Conceptual Design of Pavilion Celebrating the Local Community
  • Sustainable Design of Regenerative Bamboo Supported by Reused Milk Crates Placed on a Gravel Bed
  • Accessible Design for Wheelchairs
  • Transportable Design


London, UK