IAP2 Strategic Communications

P2 is good for you!

In one way, shape or form, the issues of today depend on quality public participation. Yet despite that importance, “P2” – as it is known to practitioners – isn’t at all known to the population-at-large. Our firm’s goal was to simplify the language of P2 so that practitioners, sponsors, project owners, participants and the public-at-large could easily grasp the range of benefits making decisions together creates.

Over a series of meetings, we worked with the organization’s Board and Communications Committee to center the core messaging on the concept of “good” in terms of both quality and public benefits of public participation. Then, we built a communications plan to deliver that message. That communications plan orchestrates the nation-wide delivery of this message. To prepare for the launch of this new messaging, we refreshed the brand and redesigned the organization’s website, making it an easy and enjoyable experience to use. We developed a new IAP2 “badge” for email signature blocks and protocols for use of that badge by board members, core values awards winners, and certified practitioners. We developed templates for “good” messaging to be delivered through social media. And, we changed the national conference title to reflect the “good” messaging. Now, we are designing branded merchandise and give aways, as well as presentation materials to mobilize our members to become ambassadors of the organization.


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