LA County Water Plan

Knowing Water to Plan for Water

From streamlining the main messaging strategy and refining the existing brand to designing engagement for the technical working groups, CityWorks supported the prime consultant in the preparation of the LA County Water Plan. The Department’s purview is extensive, extending across many cities and jurisdictions with stakeholders that needed to be engaged and heard during the planning of the area’s future water resources. 

To support this effort, our team was brought on to design the engagement process for regional water leaders and to provide educational materials that could create a shared understanding of the water supply system, its operators and the challenges to planning and managing the future system together.

Our team designed a tailored input process for an already established technical advisory team along with a “primer” that provided baseline information to start the discussion. Additionally, our team developed three animated web portals about planning process issues: the history of the water system and its challenges; who the technical working group members were and how they were working together; and a description of elements and related issues of the water system. 


  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning

  • Design and Support: Technical Working Group Engagement Process

  • Brand Refinement

  • Educational Content for Industry Professionals

  • Graphic Design: (3) Animated Web Portals, Primer Brochure and Plan Document


Los Angeles County: Department of Public Works
Woodard Curran


Los Angeles County, California