NCTD: Transit Study Engagement


As a sub-consultant to the IBI Group, CityWorks is supporting the integration of land use and transit to better meet travel demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That integration requires studies, planning, and collaboration. CityWorks’ role through two contracts is focused on that collaboration and consideration of input via a Technical Working Group, stakeholders such as educational institutions and organizations that serve low-income community members, and the transit and non-transit riding public. 

Currently, we are supporting the final development of the Strategic Multimodal Transit Implementation Plan which is a follow-on study of the Land Use and Transit Integration Study.

We are using a range of engagement techniques for both in-person and online engagement from pop-up meetings at the local Tamale Festival to online surveys and stakeholder meetings. 


  • Plan communications and engagement programs
  • Develop collateral materials
  • Establish and facilitate the Technical Working Group
  • Conduct on-site engagement at transit centers with transit riders
  • Staff booths at farmers market to reach the general community
  • Conduct pop-up events at community medical clinics to reach traditionally underserved communities
  • Design and conduct online surveys


North County Transit District/ IBI Group


San Diego County, California