Mobility Master Plan

Improving Mobility, Improving Lives

San Diego is easy to navigate by car, but what about those who don’t have access to a car? To make San Diego more accessible by other modes, we helped the City of San Diego and WSP engage stakeholders to identify system gaps and help make policy recommendations to ultimately improve the system. These outreach efforts focused on collecting feedback from traditionally underrepresented communities to find out what is most needed and where.

CityWork’s role was to engage the community in an effort to learn about their challenges to using the transportation system and identify common issues, while listening to new ideas and solutions. This included engagement planning, research, outreach to schools and local community-based organizations and the preparation of collaterals such as fact sheets and an eblast series. Pop-up events were held in these same communities to inform community members of the project and gain their input through a survey. 500 community members took our survey, online and in-person. The survey found that most people want to use public transportation, however, the bus lines, stops, and schedules, need to be improved and this community input was key to providing actionable recommendations for the Mobility Master Plan.


  • Communications / Engagement Plan 
  • Community Survey
  • Outreach to Schools
  • Community Pop-Up Events
  • Digital and Print Collaterals in
    English and Spanish


City of San Diego


City of San Diego, California