NCTD Wayfinding Signage

Better the breadcrumbs

Our team worked with the NCTD staff to identify wayfinding improvements for the Oceanside Transit Center for both the short term, when a new third platform was built, and the conceptual ideas for long term improvements. Our team developed and implemented a customer intercept survey process to understand navigational obstacles for customers to locate platforms and transfer between service lines at the station. Physical obstacles inhibiting sight lines and knowing where to gain information were challenges identified by survey participants that the short term wayfinding signage system will solve.

Based on the results of the survey, our team developed a plan to locate signage, and the design of each new sign. Sign designs were modern and clean in style, making them easy to read. This Transit Center serves multiple transit services and each has their own brand that includes specific fonts and colors. The decision was made to use fonts and colors for the wayfinding signage system that were not part of these transit service brands to establish a distinct “brand” for Transit Center information. The new sign system will lead customers to where platforms and their related services are located, as well as the locations of information kiosks, restrooms and dining services. Final signage designs included both English and Spanish. Directory maps were also designed for use on Changeable Message Signs and for the NCTD website.


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North County Transit District


Oceanside, California