Nivola Museum: Artist Pensione Competition

A Place To Create

Off the western coast of Italy on an island called Sardinia, lies the Nivola art museum. Housing the diverse and inspiring works of Constantino Nivola, the museum is nestled into a hillside with dramatic views of the town and valley below. The competition brief required in-residence artist pavilions be designed for the empty hillside  adjacent to the museum.

CityWorks’ Principal Architect, Laura Warner, and team designed a site plan and two of the 8 pavilions planned for the site. The heart of the site is a new café and bar that connects the museum to the artist-in-residence area. A pergola pathway links a series of Nivola artwork inspired pavilions scattered along the hillside. Impromptu artist gatherings are envisioned for a common courtyard tucked into the hillside. For this competition, two pavilions were designed based on Nivola artworks selected by the CityWorks team as their favorites.


  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Adjacency Diagramming
  • Nivola Artwork Research
  • Team Survey to Select Artwork As Reference for Pavilion Designs
  • Conceptual Site Plan design
  • Conceptual Pavilion Designs Based on Nivola Art Pieces


Nivola Museum


Sardinia, Italy