Quarry Road Low Water Crossing

Roadway Low-Point to Community High-Point

Ensuring roadway access in the Spring Valley community is vital for trips to work, school, homes, shops, onto the 125 freeway and to the local swap meet. Quarry Road’s low point is also a low point for the community as periodic flooding results in a loss of access for the community and first responders. The new bridge will be a new high point providing reliable access for cars, as well as provide new bike and pedestrian facilities, promoting additional travel options. Area stakeholders include the owner of the community swap meet whose property straddles the existing roadway, swap meet vendors, a storage unit facility and nearby residents. 

To gain community feedback on project alternatives, our team prepared an online survey that was distributed to the community and impacted stakeholders. Our analysis showed that 83% of respondents favored the bridge option. Continued outreach was conducted by our team, gaining further input from key stakeholders located immediately adjacent to the improvement and resulted in high attendance at a public meeting we planned. Close to 80 participants attended the meeting, where the project team presented the final design of the project and answered questions about swap meet entrances, reliable access due to the new bridge, and new bike and pedestrian amenities. The project is currently in the environmental review phase, and our team will continue to keep the community informed through this phase and prepare them for upcoming construction.  


  • Communications / Engagement Plan
  • Online Community Survey
  • Public Meeting
  • Digital and Print Collaterals in
    English and Spanish
  • Project Design, Existing Conditions and Scheduling Illustratives


County of San Diego
Department of Public Works


San Diego County, California