University of Guam: Pacific Asia Inquiry Journal

Art and Academia

The University of Guam’s Journal: Pacific Asia Inquiry showcases multidisciplinary works ranging from historical, current, regional, and global topics in the Pacific Asia Region. This peer reviewed journal is grant funded, and includes a compilation of studies with themes such as economic development, cultural and social change, militarization in the region, global interactions and visual art trends. 

To commence branding and design concepting, the team worked with the client, who had selected several art pieces by a local artist for use in the initial 2021cover design. Our team selected one of the pieces and graphically formatted the design. Based on the success of this approach, a second cover for 2022 was designed using another local artists work. The design team also prepared a multi-color template system developed for use in designing future journal covers that will  compliment the work of other local artists.


  • Developed Brand and Graphically Formatted Journal Covers for 2021 and 2022 Journals

  • Selected Artworks for Use in Journal Covers

  • Prepared Multicolored Templates for Future Journal Cover Designs


University of Guam


University of Guam
Mangilao, Guam, USA