Water Conservation Program

Water is Invaluable. So is Our Conservation Campaign.

For years, “Waste No Water” has been one of the region’s most well-known slogans, thanks in part to our team’s tireless efforts. Working closely with the City of San Diego, we have helped make conservation a basic ethic for the city and region.

It was our firm that developed the award-winning “No Time to Waste, No Water to Waste” message, along with the abbreviated “Waste No Water” message. It’s clear wording and creative delivery has helped the City meet all its conservation targets. We have negotiated media buys, forged creative partnerships and developed innovative engagement strategies through contests and social media. Additionally, through design and placement of bus and trolley wraps, billboards, mall signs and neighborhood street light banners, we have reinforced the “Waste No Water” ethic as a community norm. The campaign has received national, state, regional and local recognition for its creativity and success.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Partnership Development
  • Special Event Management


City of San Diego
Public Utilities Department


San Diego, California