SDG&E Wildfire Mitigation Engagement

Playing it Safe

SDG&E’s program to proactively reach land owners in back country and rural-urban interface communities about needed electrical repairs is an innovative approach to preventing wildfires. SDG&E has outsourced the outreach and utility repair design to CityWorks and its sub-consultant, Asplundh.

Initially, CityWorks collaborated with SDG&E staff and Asplundh to develop processes, protocols and procedures for customer engagement efforts. Now, CityWorks is the first point of contact for customers to build their awareness of repairs on their property, anticipate their informational and service needs, offer assistance, and connect them to the utility planner to design needed repairs. Our team also follows up with customers to track their progress making these repairs and closeout the engagement once repairs are complete. 

With our support, SDG&E project managers are able to meet the goals of this specialized effort to: improve the customer experience and maintain their trust; prevent wildfires. 


  • Communications and engagement system development for this service
  • Messaging development and brand maintenance
  • Graphic design and content development for noticing materials
  • Outreach to customers to support electrical repairs on their property that are needed to reduce the risk of wildfires


San Diego Gas & Electric


San Diego County, California