City of San Diego, Climate Study Communications

Planning for a Better Future

Clearly understanding a problem is the first step to taking action. With this in mind, CityWorks synthesized complex planning report data about climate change prepared by ICF into easy-to-understand collaterals. These materials were used to engage city and community leaders about the vulnerability of the City of San Diego’s assets to climate change. 

For communications planning, CityWorks developed a Creative Brief to define the big idea behind the piece: as climate changes, we are taking bold steps to build a better future for everyone who calls San Diego home. From there, we developed the positioning, audience insights, messaging, archetype, and voice for these collaterals. 

Based on this concepting, we created infographics, iconography and narrative for two collaterals with seperate audiences. Both simplified complex information and positioned addressing impacts as a way to improve the quality of life for San Diegans.

With a clear understanding of the issues and recommended rankings for actions to be taken, leaders and the community are working together to address the impacts of climate change specific to San Diego. 


  • Communications Planning
  • Messaging
  • Writing and Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Collaterals


City of San Diego
ICF International, Inc.


City of San Diego, California