MSGBW Water Information Campaign

Making the Invisible Visible.

It’s a common problem—customers don’t know where their water comes from or their role in its care, especially when the water is sourced from an underground basin. The Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster chose CityWorks to introduce the more than 1.5 million people who depend on the groundwater it manages to the story of where their water comes from in a way that builds a sense of shared responsibility for this natural resource. Working with the Client Team and its Ad-hoc committee of water industry partners, we developed this story and an informational campaign called “The Waters that Connect Us.” 

Initial launch of the campaign focused on engagement with water industry partners and market research of the general public’s understanding of water resources in their area. 

Then, it transitioned to public engagement via multi-lingual social media campaign that includes bi-monthly posts and an Instagram Live series with industry experts. Other communications include an e-blast series, advertising in regional and partner periodicals, as well as a “The Waters That Connect Us” website.

Strategic partnerships with regional organizations are planned to further expand the campaign’s reach and build awareness of groundwater, the challenges of more frequent droughts, and the solutions that Watermaster and its partners already have in the works.


  • Communications and engagement planning 
  • Multi-lingual Messaging and brand development
  • Market research including surveys and
    focus groups
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Social media planning, copy writing, graphic design and implementation
  • Collaterals – copy writing, translations and graphic design
  • Website design and launch – web architecture and development, copy writing, translations and graphic design
  • Regional and community partnerships and presentations


Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster


San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, California