Water Sustainability Report

Resilient and Sustainable

Because we are committed to sustainability, we specifically seek projects that relate to natural resource planning – in this case, water. The City of San Diego is embarking on developing a first-of-its-kind Water Sustainability Report which will define water portfolio options to be considered in follow-on work for the update to its Long-Range Water Resources Plan (LRWRP).

Stakeholder involvement is key to the success of this Report and the LRWRP that will consider its recommendations. We developed the involvement plan for a working group representing a range of interests including: existing committees of the City, natural environment, built environment, climatologists, and community-based organizations. 

A key part of that involvement is having shared terminology. So, our initial work focused on preparing visual information to explain the differences between risks, uncertainties, resiliency, sensitivities, and sustainability. These visuals are being incorporated into presentations, online survey tools, and a fact sheet.


  • Communications planning
  • Visualization of technical information
  • Editorial planning for internal process
  • Review and technical editing of final report
  • Coordination and management of external stakeholder involvement via Working Group Series


City of San Diego Public Utilities Department/
Woodard & Curran


San Diego County, California